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I hear this cute little song :3, Kouko has a cute voice to sing

Cultural References in TV Series & Movies

So many tv series, cartoons, animes and movies was mentioned other tv series, cartoons, animes and movies to mention the pop culture

Regular Show:
Mordecai was mentioned 1 movie and 2 cartoons:
Twilight, Green Lantern and Adventure Time

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo:
Mashiro was mentioned 1 anime:
Mirai Nikki

La Familia P. Luche (English translation: The Family P. Luche (Mexican TV Serie))
Ludovico was mentioned 1 TV serie:
El Chavo del 8

Fuyuumi meets Shiina

<p>  Ai: Hello?<br>
Mashiro:  Hi, don't trust me<br>
Ai:  What is your name?<br>
Mashiro:  I'm Mashiro Shiina, and what is your name?<br>
Ai:  I'm Ai Fuyuumi, how are you?<br>
Mashiro:  I'm fine, and you<br>
Ai:  Fine, nice to meet you<br>
Mashiro:  Nice to meet you too</p>